Fitting Anesthesia Machines To The Animals You Care For: Machines For Every Need

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Fitting Anesthesia Machines To The Animals You Care For: Machines For Every Need

Fitting Anesthesia Machines To The Animals You Care For: Machines For Every Need

21 July 2018
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Animals come in all shapes and sizes, so why are you using veterinary anesthesia systems that only appropriately fit a particular size of animal? Furthermore, even if you do not treat horses and livestock or larger animals, you cannot really make the same anesthesia machine fit an exotic pet in the same way it fits a golden retriever. Now may be a good time to upgrade anesthesia systems for your vet clinic. Here are a few systems you could probably really use.

The Exotic/Feline Rolling Lab Cart

This lab cart is an anesthesia system and operating table all in one. The tanks for anesthesia gasses fit conveniently on the two shelves below the top table. There is also more than enough room for surgical supplies on these two shelves. These rolling lab carts are a good substitute for a full operating table, especially when your practice is already packed with animals needing simple surgeries. The carts also provide the necessary smaller and more economical spaces for cats and exotic pets that are very tiny and do not take up most of the room on a standard veterinary surgical table.

The Exotic/Feline Free-Standing Anesthesia System

Of course, if you do not want the rolling lab carts, you can still buy the free-standing anesthesia system. These systems contain all of the components you would need to administer anesthesia to every creature from guinea pigs and ferrets to cats. These systems are on their own quadropod rolling casters, so you can roll them anywhere in the clinic and place them near any surgical table.

The Ready-to-Attach Table Models

You can also buy exotic/feline anesthesia systems that are ready to attach to any operating table. Some are portable and transferable, in case you still want to be able to move the system to another table. Others have powerful magnets on the bases so that the systems cannot budge during surgery, even when accidentally bumped by an elbow. All models have multiple accessory options, including pressure gauges and color-coordinated breathing tubes.

The Extra-Large Animal System

If you do not currently provide services for extra large animals, and you want to expand your practice, then you are going to need the extra-large animal anesthesia system. These systems are meant for large dogs, like St. Bernards and Great Danes, and for horses, cows, llamas, etc.. Once you have the equipment you need to treat these extra-large pets and livestock, you can begin advertising for these new services.

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